J. Hurst Classical Art Collection

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Other inspirations by Ralph Hurst.

The Collection of Sculptor Ralph Hurst

During his prolific life as an artist, Ralph Hurst created literally thousands of works of art in a myriad of 2 and 3 dimensional media. This unique gallery features some of Hurst's most celebrated creative efforts, many of which remained in the Hursts' private collection, until now. All works presented at the J. Hurst Classical Art Gallery are original works of art and have full documentation of authenticity and provenance. For more information about this extraordinary collection of art and other works by the renowned artist Ralph Hurst, contact the J. Hurst Classical Art Gallery.
"In the hours of creativity
when I engage
in shaping boulders into forms
and the form becomes alive
and a thing of beauty,
​my spirit soars."
Ralph Hurst